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Structures of Life..

To me, ‘Life’ is the primal force that moves everything in the universe, from one physical state to the next.

With the possibilities we have today to study life from the tiniest particle to the largest scale it’s amazing to see how the same structures appear everywhere: a walnut looks like a human brain, some stone species resemble aerial photos of the Nordic fjords.. and when we see pictures of neurons we wonder about their delicate plant-like ‘roots’.

From microscopic details to the largest scale in space, life seems to manifest itself everywhere in similar structures. 

And since no matter ever disappears, all the components of which it exists are over and over rearranged, structuring and forming patterns, cycle after cycle..

In this light, is there even a distinction between 'natural' and 'artificial' ?

If a spider builds a web, we call it natural, so if big animals like ourselves create things isn't that just part of one big system, recycling all matter that exists infinitely?

In the end, life’s a mystery and all I can do is look at it and wonder…