#metoo: Davide with the head of Goliath

Oil on canvas,  195 x 125 cm.


I hate violence. I wish we would be a more peaceful species, and less inclined to dominate and suppress other beings. Ironically, the paradox is that sometimes violence is needed to avoid violence, or to simply defend ourselves under attack. 

In classical art the theme of the oppressed fighting his suppressor was painted a number of times by Carravagio, using the David & Goliath figures. In his ‘David with the head of Goliath’ we see David who beheaded Goliath and is looking down on him not with triomf but with compassion, a man who didn’t kill out of hate or rage, but because he wouldn’t be oppressed. I wanted to use the theme in this painting as a metaphor for the position of women today. For woman emancipation, so much is accomplished and yet there is so much left to do. 

The beheaded goliath in my painting doesn’t stand for ‘man’ but for the patriarchy system both woman and man are the victims of. A system that evolved over thousands of years, that we are all part of, and that has to change for everybody’s sake. The Davide in my painting is a woman who shows the strength and compassion, the feminine power we need to change this system.  Especially with the rise of alt-right movements worldwide we must make sure our daughters and granddaughters don’t end up as handmaids. We have to be vigilant not to let achievements slip away, and stay firm..


The head of Goliath in my painting is a copy of the original Caravaggio painting, the model for ‘Davide’ is Kaouthar Darmoni, one of Hollands most prominent and inspiring contemporary feminists. 




#BLM Time to throw those chains off

Oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm.


When it comes to the matter of racism, all to often in discussions it all seems to turn around the question who is a racist or not. Nobody wants to be a racist; even the most extremist racists call themselves ‘race realists’. 

But I think we are all somewhere racists, in most cases not because we want to, but because we’re all part of a system that that has evolved over the centuries in to a system where people with different skin colors are valued differently, even by themselves.

And most of the time we don’t even notice it because it happens unconsciously..

It can be a teacher who, without realizing, encourages some kids a little bit more than others, or a recruiter’s ‘gut feeling’ saying things about the capacities of one applicant or another..

Unconscious belief systems are hard to change, to do so we have to be honest and look at ourselves; question why we think or feel something about another person.

The Black Lives Matter movement helps to create awareness -it’s time to throw those chains of history off!


A little pietà..

Oil on canvas, 130 x 120 cm.


We always have a lot of attention for historical suffering; why

is there so little compassion for today's?